Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal is definitely a social kindness act. Though the country is rich in natural wonders and cultural grandeurs; still lots of people are underprivileged. High number of population is still deprived of basic food, health and education facilities. Moreover, 2015 earthquake damaged lots of properties and lives. 

There are numerous sectors which you can show your kindness. Education, health, food and social awareness activities are the areas where you can contribute. There are numerous NGOs and INGOs working in Nepal. These institutions are slowly uplifting the life standard of rural Nepalese people in coordination with the local government. 

If you want to become the part of the life rebuilding of the needy people, we are the right companion. The agency too has the policy of keeping certain percentage for the cause of society. The company believes in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The company is working towards development of the local people of the host destinations. 

Major Fields of the works being carried out by the Adventure Victory Team are the education and health aid to the family of Porters, Sherpa and Guides. We also work towards the Socio – Economic and Eco Friendly Tourism. Most of our crew members are selected according to their economic standards as well. We always promote the local people as far as possible for the trip. Doing so, we believe that the society of the host places will be benefitted. Moreover, it increases our chance of exceeding the guests’ expectations as well. 

Talk with our travel representatives about your plan of action. If you want to contribute financially, technically and emotionally towards the growth of Nepalese society, we want to become a mediator. Simply tell us your noble wishes. We will try our level best to reach out the neediest people. 

Adventure Victory Team will ensure the successful Volunteer Tour in Nepal for you. Travel to the best scenic and cultural destinations of Nepal as well as earn some blessings. 

Volunteer in Nepal

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