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26 September, 2019
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Nepal is the most beautiful country where The Great Lord Buddha was born. Visiting with ups and downs of various landscapes and Himalayas. It is located in Asia in the middle of China and India as our neighboring country. 
The specialty of Nepal is that it has the best multi-culture environment everywhere you visit. With the current population of 28,733,441(from 2019 report) more than half of the population lives in Capital city Kathmandu. Nepal’s area is 143,350 Km2 where there are 200 people per km.
And the best part is the most popular Mount Everest which has a height of 8848 meters which is considered to be the highest peak in the world. People visiting Nepal will realize very soon that the weather conditions and environment in Nepal are the best as compared to other countries. (Moderate)
Moreover, places like Kathmandu, Pokhara and even Mount Everest are the most visited places with so much of different cultures in every city you visit. People of Nepal are very friendly and are helpers in every aspect.

Everest Base Camp
Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal is the first most visited place in Nepal located in Mahalangur Himal. Because Mt.Everest is the highest peak in the 
World about 8848ft from sea level, this is also the reason there are so many people visiting every year. Climbing Mt.Everest can be the most challenging trekking and also the most fun experience as it is considered to be one of the places where you must visit before you die. Sherpa People of Nepal mostly guide throughout the trekking who are the most experienced people in climbing Mt.Everest and who have climbed Everest for more than 20-25 times.

Annapurna Base Camp
Trekking is one of the different ways to explore Nepal. Among many trekking destinations, the Annapurna base camp is one of them. It lies 40km north of Pokhara. The setting of Annapurna Base Camp at 4130 m is unique and incredibly beautiful. The majestic peaks of Annapurna I (8091 m), Annapurna South (7219 m), Machapuchhre (6993 m) and Hemnculi (6441 m) make the view spectacular. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek usually takes 7 to 12 days. The length of the trek depends on the speed and the places we will visit during the trek other than only Annapurna region. It is famous for trekking during October i.e. just between Dashain and Tihar. The beautiful snow-covered mountains are the treasures of the country.

Upper Mustang
Upper Mustang lies in the northernmost part of Nepal. Its altitude is 3840m above the sea level. Mustang is a unique place where much natural beauty of the country can be experienced. It is divided into two parts: the upper Mustang and the lower Mustang. In upper Mustang we can enjoy the adventurous trekking, old caves, and monasteries and also see which type of Local tribe lives there. In the lower Mustang, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and we can also get short treks. Here Kaligandaki River also flows which is known as the deepest gorge in Nepal. All Thakali food and black fossils which are found in Kaligandaki River can be found in lower Mustang. Another exciting place to visit in Mustang is the holy Place called Muktinath temple. It is the holy place for Hindus and Buddhists. It also has another attraction which is 108 water taps and nonstop glowing fire. It is among the four Dhams of Hindu. The best place to visit here is from March to June since the weather conditions in other months would not be suitable. So if you love snow and mountainous region then you should visit this site. Here you will not only be able to experience the natural beauty of Mustang but also you will be able to play many sports like cycling, rock climbing, trekking horse riding, and racing too!

Manaslu is one of the highest mountains in the world. Manaslu means "the spirit mountain". It is located at Gorkha, Nepal, Gandaki zone which is at 8163 meters above the sea level. It is one of the prominent mountains which provides amazing Mountain View with diversified culture and adventure. It is famous for tea houses they are managed by local people. The main occupation of people living in Manaslu is animal husbandry, agriculture, maize, and crops, etc. Manaslu trek takes around 17 days. It is one of the highly demanded treks by tourists who want to do adventurous mountain trekking. Nepal's government permitted trekking in 1991 before it was restricted. The best season for trekking in Manaslu is during spring (March, April, May) as weather will be clear and full of snow whereas we will also get to see the clear view of high mountains like Sarangi Himal, Ganesh Himal, and other several mountains. Before climbing the Manaslu trekkers need to take a permit from the Manaslu region. Trekkers might face high altitude problems and other health issues as they climb higher.

Dhaulagiri is one of the famous mountains in Nepal known for trekking. It extends 120km from kali Gandaki west to the Bheri. Dhaulagiri is also the 7th highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8167m above sea level. It is also referred to as the most fascination peaks to climb. The best time to climb this mountain is the period between September-October. Every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful white mountain to enjoy the view and of course to have a thrilling trek to the peak. Dhaulagiri itself means White Mountain as itis always covered with snow. When in 1808s this mountain was found it was thought to be the highest peak in the world but as we know it is not. Several attempts were made in 1950-1059 to climb Dhaulagiri but could not succeed. It was during 1960 a Swiss Austrian made to Dhaulagiri.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp 
Kanchenjunga is located between India and Nepal where the south part is located in Taplejung and the north part is located in Sikkim India. So it is difficult to tell the exact location. It is also known as Five Treasures of Snow as the word Kanchenjunga describes it. Mount Kanchenjunga is considered to be the world’s 3rd highest and Nepal’s 2nd highest peak. The height of the Kanchenjunga base camp is 5143 m which provides the best view experience after reaching there. As we begin our journey you will come across various Eastern cultures and traditions which you most probably have never seen before. Moreover, you will come across different kinds to endanger specious and wildlife. Being very adventures and joyful place to trek it is also a very dangerous place to reach as the roads through which we go is dangerous. More than 210 climbers have submitted and 42 climbers have died.

Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal)
Kathmandu is the most crowded capital city of Nepal where every year lakhs of people visit. Just 100km east of Kathmandu is Mount Everest that we all know. Most of the people think, the temperature of Kathmandu is cold due to conditions of latitude, but it is warmer. But it may It is bound with Newari culture as it is the city of Newars. People of various religions with various traditions reside in the valley hence maintaining unity in diversity. Here, now and then there will be festivals such as Jatra happening frequently. In each festival, there is a reason for worshipping gods and goddesses and; there is a backstory in it, which is very pleasing, interesting and surprising. There are various worshipping places just inside Kathmandu like Swayambhu, Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, beautiful masjids which take hours to cover up while visiting.

Lumbini is the Buddhist place in Rupandehi District in Nepal Where Lord Buddha is highly praised and worshipped hence, it is famous among the Buddhists. Buddha was born in lace named Kapilbastu. He got his enlightenment sitting under a big tree for years meditating. People of other religions also visit this place for enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. The first steps of Buddha, the palaces, treasures such as coins, bangles, pots from Lord Buddha's time are still preserved safely. Mayadevi Mandir is the most attracted place. Many temples of Buddha are still there and some are funded by people over the years for construction.


Pokhara is a city just away from busy city Kathmandu with a paradise and luxury places to live and tour for months. Pokhara gives us the best scenery ever we could imagine with the snowy Himalayas seen far away from the lakeside region. The rare bats and various other specious can also be seen when we go inside Mahindra cave, which is known to be made during the 18th century. The best part is there is paragliding throughout the year. The cost paragliding varies for different seasons. Around 12O USD for foreigners and 90 USD for Indians.
Nagarkot is a village situated at the rim of Kathmandu valley. It is best known for its view of the Himalayas including Mount Everest. And to the west, there is Changunarayan temple which is dedicated to the Hindu pilgrimage site and Vishnu god. Nagarkot is 2175m above sea level and most people visit there to enjoy the view that can be seen from up there. It also provides us with one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in Kathmandu. 8 out of 13 Himalayan ranges can be seen from here! Since people mainly come for the Mountain View every month is not appropriate for it. So the best periods for the view is from October-December and from March-April when the sky is clear. Lots of hiking opportunities are also available at Nagarkot like an eco trial, Nagarkot panoramic hiking trail and paragliding with Mt. Everest view. So by looking at these opportunities and facilities, it is clear that Nagarkot is the best place for nature-loving and outdoor enthusiastic people. 

Bhaktapur is the ancient Newari city in Nepal. The word "Bhaktapur" literally translates to the "city of devotees". It is also known as Khwopa. During the Malla kingdom, Bhaktapur was also considered as the capital of the country. It has a population of more than 80,000. Due to the rich cultures, artworks and temples, UNESCO has also listed it as a World Heritage site. The city is famous for its amazing ancient architecture and festivals which are celebrated now also. The best and most famous food one can find here is "juju Dhau" which means "king curd". People visit this beautiful place to experience the rich traditions and cultures of the place. Among temples Nyatapola temple, 55 window palace and Changu Narayan temple are the most famous ones. Also, Bhaktapur is the only city that is culturally alive know also among the two other cities i.e. Kathmandu and Patan. Bhaktapur is a clear example of how Kathmandu and Patan would have looked like now. So if you are visiting Nepal then this is the place you should definitely not miss!

Patan which is now known as Lalitpur is the third-largest city of Nepal. It is one of the three cultural cities of the heritage and culture of Nepal. This place also contains durbar square like its neighboring city Bhaktapur and it is full of statues, temples, and places. Most of them are the Patan Museum. Patan is the best place to buy traditional products and handicrafts. There is a Patan fair trade shop which gives these products at a very fair and reasonable price. Some of the most famous places in Patan are Krishna Mandir, Patan Museum, Golden gate, Mulchowk, etc.

Chitwan is the district of Nepal that lies near Bharatpur. When Chitwan's name has arrived surely there would be a national park. Anywhere in Nepal, if you ask about Chitwan the first thing people will most likely tell is about national parks. The park is famous for birds, animals, one-horned rhino and Bengali tiger. Chitwan National park is a world heritage property and it also contains the Ramsar site. It is a rich area in Tarai and a total of 126 species of fish, 544 species of birds, 56 species of herpetofauna and 68 species of mammals have been recorded here! If you are looking for jungle adventures then you should visit Chitwan. The best time to visit Chitwan is from October to March when the temp. It is about 25°C and the skies are relatively clear. The best time to see animals is late January to March when towering planta grass is slashed by villagers thus improving visibility.


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